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Finder's Fees

Finder’s Fees are only available to existing customers of NOW Remodeling (“NOW”) who have completed a project in the preceding 12 months and whose contract has been paid in full. Customers are limited to 8 (eight) Finder’s Fees per calendar year. Finder’s Fees are regarded as a rebate from the original contract amount and the combined total of Finder’s Fees may not exceed the original contract amount of the referring customer. Finder shall not be deemed to have discovered any clients who contacted or were contacted by NOW on or before the Effective Date of the contract, or any clients who hereafter contact or are contacted by NOW after the Effective Date before being identified and introduced in writing by Finder to Client (if at all) (collectively, "Independent Contacts"). Finder shall be entitled to the Finder's Fee in the event that during the Retention Period (i) the Business Transaction is consummated or materialized, and (ii) Finder discovered the clients to assist NOW during the Retention Period, and (iii) referred customer’s contract total is greater than $3,000 (three thousand dollars). All rebate claims are subject to NOW’s final review and approval. Rebate claims must be submitted within 30 days of completion of referred customer’s project and project must have been paid in full.

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